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Patient files lawsuit against Ascension following BlackBasta ransomware attack.

# Woman Takes Legal Action Against Ascension Seton for Negligence in Ransomware Attack

A woman, whose identity has been protected, is taking legal action against Ascension Seton, alleging negligence in safeguarding patient data from ransomware attackers. This individual, hailing from Hays County, was admitted to Ascension Seton Williamson Hospital in Round Rock in 2023.

## Allegations of Negligence and Data Breach at Ascension Seton

Following the revelation of a data breach at Ascension, which emerged online on May 8th, 2024, the woman asserts that the hospital administration failed to adequately secure her information from unauthorized access. Seeking compensation and justice for herself and fellow patients affected by the breach, she has initiated legal proceedings against the healthcare provider.

## Lawsuit Filed Over Failure to Encrypt Patient Data

The lawsuit filed against Ascension stems from its purported failure to encrypt patient data, leaving it vulnerable to infiltration by the Black Basta gang, perpetrators of the cyberattack. The plaintiff seeks substantial compensation for all individuals impacted by the breach.

## Legal Ramifications for Ascension Seton

Regarding the likely course and outcome of the lawsuit, current ransomware laws in the United States hold the company’s leadership accountable in cases of malware attacks resulting in file encryption. Ascension may face legal ramifications for its alleged failure to implement adequate security measures. The U.S. Department of Justice announced that CEOs or technology heads could be subject to legal proceedings and potentially forced to relinquish their positions to undergo trial.

## Impact on Healthcare Operations and Potential Legal Challenges

Given Ascension’s extensive network of facilities, including over 15 hospitals and 230 care sites across states like Illinois and Chicago, the digital disruption resulting from the cyberattack has caused operational disturbances. Many ambulance-related calls have been redirected to alternative healthcare providers. Succumbing to hackers’ ransom demands can also constitute a criminal offense, with Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) or Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) potentially facing legal repercussions.

# Key Points
– Woman sues Ascension Seton for alleged negligence in safeguarding patient data from ransomware attackers.
– Lawsuit filed over failure to encrypt patient data, leaving it vulnerable to cyberattacks.
– Ascension Seton may face legal ramifications for alleged security lapses, impacting healthcare operations.
– CEOs or technology heads could be subject to legal proceedings following ransomware attacks.
– The lawsuit highlights the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare facilities to protect patient information.

In summary, the legal action taken by the woman against Ascension Seton underscores the critical need for healthcare providers to prioritize cybersecurity measures to safeguard patient data from ransomware attacks. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for the healthcare industry and the accountability of companies in ensuring the security of sensitive information.

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