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Pioneering Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) – Sophos News

is an essential element in web development that is used to create divisions or sections within a web page.

Automated moving target defense (AMTD) is a concept developed by Gartner that aims to proactively disrupt cyber attacks and confound breach activities. AMTD-infused security solutions raise the cost for attackers by orchestrating controlled changes within IT environments.

Sophos Endpoint, a security product, utilizes AMTD technologies to enhance application security and protect against threats on the endpoint. It sets barriers and lays traps to automatically intercept and disrupt threats, making it difficult for attackers to execute malicious actions.

Adaptive Attack Protection (AAP) is a feature of Sophos Endpoint that dynamically applies aggressive protection when it detects an attack in progress. It engages additional defense measures to decrease the likelihood of the attack’s success and provides defenders more time to neutralize it.

Sophos Endpoint also enhances security by implementing randomization techniques. This ensures that every module loads at a random memory address, adding complexity to potential exploitation by attackers.

To combat obfuscation techniques used by attackers, Sophos strategically positions decoy elements that imitate memory-related APIs commonly employed by attackers. This code-agnostic defense breaks malicious code without hindering benign applications.

Sophos Endpoint uniquely keeps history, tracks ownership, and correlates code-capable memory allocations across applications. This allows for novel low-level mitigations that are not possible with other protection technologies.

Sophos prevents manipulation of processes by erecting barriers around security-sensitive memory regions of every application. By shielding these regions, Sophos provides generic protection against various adversary techniques.

Sophos installs guardrails around code execution to prevent code flowing into areas meant to contain only data. It actively prevents the utilization of system functions not used by business applications, providing effective protection against malware.

AMTD adds a valuable layer of defense against advanced persistent threats, exploit-based attacks, and ransomware. Sophos Endpoint utilizes AMTD technologies to automatically enhance the resilience of all applications, making endpoints more resilient to attacks.

Key Points:

is an important element in web development for creating divisions within a web page.
– AMTD technologies proactively disrupt cyber attacks and raise the cost for attackers.
– Sophos Endpoint utilizes AMTD to enhance application security and protect against threats on the endpoint.
– Features like Adaptive Attack Protection, randomization, and deception techniques enhance the effectiveness of Sophos Endpoint.
– Sophos prevents manipulation of processes and installs guardrails around code execution for better protection.
– AMTD adds an invaluable layer of defense against various types of attacks, making endpoints more resilient.

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