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Quad nations unite to fight Cyber Attacks on Critical Public Infrastructure

Cyber attacks are a real threat to the digital infrastructure of nations across the world. To counter this, the Quad nations comprising India, Japan, Australia, and the United States have devised a plan to meet next month in Australia to reach an agreement on how to involve, deal with, and address state-funded attacks on national infrastructure. The four nations have invited the UK’s representation in their objective to block state-funded attacks and received a positive response from the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

At the summit, the Quad nations will discuss the preventive measures they will take to block such attacks and will address how they will be dealing with ransomware incidents arising from their territories. These measures may include the implementation of laws that will punish hackers and criminals who launch cyber-attacks, the introduction of stricter rules for data privacy, and the implementation of security protocols that will protect critical public infrastructure from malicious activity.

The Quad nations are determined to form a unified approach to cyber security and establish a collective network of defence against malicious activity targeting public infrastructure. By working together, the four nations will be able to create a safer digital environment for the citizens and businesses of their respective countries.

Developed nations across the world are worried that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine could trigger World War III, as Moscow has given its nod to the use of its Leopard war tanks that can cause devastation across enemy nations in no time. If Putin faces a loss in this battle, he could wage a cyber war, as he is on the verge of losing patience, as his plan, execution, and consequences witnessed in the war are turning against him, both at home and on an international note.

In summary, the Quad nations are taking a proactive approach to the problem of cyber attacks by forming a collective agreement to protect critical public infrastructure from malicious activity. The four countries are also addressing the potential threats posed by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and are taking steps to ensure that any cyber-attacks launched by either country will be blocked and dealt with accordingly.

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