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Ransomware hits Infosys, Ace Hardware and Henry Schein

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In recent news, several cyber attacks have targeted major companies and organizations. One such incident involves the Infosys subsidiary, Infosys McCamish Systems, which was targeted by a ransomware attack. The attack was initially detected last week but was officially acknowledged only recently. Further details about the attack are yet to be disclosed as a comprehensive investigation is underway.

Ace hardware, a supplier of computing goods to over 5700 retailers, has also fallen victim to a cyber attack. Disruption to key operations such as inventory management systems and phone lines has occurred, and the recovery timeline for the affected servers remains uncertain. The company’s IT team is working diligently to maintain business continuity and has sought the assistance of security experts.

In another incident, the healthcare company Henry Schein experienced a ransomware attack known as BlackCat. This attack resulted in the theft of a significant amount of data, including employee payroll information and shareholder details. The threat actors behind the attack are now employing double extortion tactics to pressure the company. Henry Schein has taken immediate action by isolating the compromised systems, recovering stolen data from their backup database, and engaging forensic experts.

These incidents highlight the growing threat of cyber attacks and the importance of robust data protection measures. Companies and organizations must be proactive in implementing security measures and conducting regular risk assessments to mitigate the risks posed by cyber attacks.

Key points:

is a fundamental HTML element used for organizing and structuring webpage content.
2. Infosys McCamish Systems, Ace hardware, and Henry Schein have recently experienced cyber attacks.
3. The attacks involved ransomware and resulted in data theft and operational disruptions.
4. Companies must prioritize data protection and implement robust security measures.
5. Prompt response, isolation of compromised systems, and engagement of forensic experts are crucial in mitigating the effects of cyber attacks.

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