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Ransomware news on FBI, BlackCat, and Game plan release

In recent cybersecurity news, the Ryhsida Ransomware gang successfully breached the servers of Insomniac, a company specializing in X-Men game development, and stole 1.67 terabytes of crucial data. Despite not receiving the demanded ransom of 50 bitcoins or $2 million, the group has chosen to release the stolen data in installments, indicating a willingness to sell it to the highest bidder. The FBI is actively monitoring the situation and working on creating a free decryption tool.

On the other hand, the BlackCat ransomware gang faced a setback when the FBI seized its dark web-based URL. However, the group managed to regain control of its website and is now demanding a minimum ransom of $4.5 million from its 500-plus victims worldwide. In response, the FBI and US CERT have instructed developers to create a free decryption tool for the victims by early January 2024.

HCL Technologies, an IT company specializing in software, experienced a business downgrade due to a ransomware attack. The company’s failure to protect customer data resulted in these challenges. Despite the malware infecting its cloud environment, HCL Technologies has isolated the threat and is implementing measures outlined in its efficient disaster recovery plan to mitigate risks.

Kaspersky, a Russian-based cybersecurity firm, has identified the Akira Ransomware criminals expanding their global impact by targeting Windows, Linux, and even MacOS systems. This is significant as MacOS is considered one of the most secure operating systems provided by Apple Inc. During the holiday season, the threat level has escalated, with cybercriminal gangs engaging in double and triple extortion schemes to maximize their monetary gains.

Key Points:
1. Ryhsida Ransomware gang successfully breached Insomniac’s servers, stole 1.67 terabytes of data, and is now releasing it in installments.
2. BlackCat ransomware gang faced a setback but regained control of their website and is demanding a ransom from their victims.
3. HCL Technologies suffered a business downgrade due to a ransomware attack but is implementing measures to mitigate risks.
4. Akira Ransomware criminals are expanding their global impact, targeting Windows, Linux, and MacOS systems.
5. Cybercriminals are engaging in double and triple extortion schemes during the holiday season.

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