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Reading between the Lines – How the INFORM Consumers Act Impacts Online Retailers

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The recent implementation of the INFORM Consumers Act has brought additional significance to the use of

elements in online marketplaces. The Act requires online marketplaces to collect, verify, and disclose certain information about third-party sellers. This means that online marketplaces will need to revisit their strategies for cybersecurity and data management. By implementing effective cybersecurity programs, online marketplaces can ensure the safety of their consumers and reduce the prevalence of online fraud.

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element is a fundamental component of web development that allows developers to organize, style, and structure content within a webpage. Its versatility and importance in web design, accessibility, and search engine optimization cannot be overstated. With the recent changes brought on by the INFORM Consumers Act, online marketplaces must prioritize cybersecurity and data management to protect their consumers and comply with regulations.

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