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Report says no evidence that cyber insurance coverage makes victim pay more

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The impact of cyber insurance on ransomware attacks has been a topic of discussion among security analysts. Some claim that companies with insurance coverage end up paying higher amounts to hackers. However, a comprehensive study conducted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Research Institute for Sociotechnical Cyber Security found no compelling evidence to support this claim. The study revealed that having cyber insurance did not significantly impact the ransom amounts paid by victims.

The study also found no suspicious collaboration between insurance companies and ransomware spreading criminals. There were no indications that insurance companies incentivize or encourage hackers to demand higher ransoms from insured victims. This is an important finding that helps dispel concerns about insurance companies potentially benefiting from the ransomware attacks.

In response to the growing concern over ransomware threats, British officials have initiated discussions on a Counter Ransomware initiative. The aim of this initiative is to combat cybercrime and protect government departments and businesses from digital threats. The British Parliament, along with the NCSC and other government partners, is working towards implementing effective strategies to counter this rising cyber threat.

While concrete actions are being taken to address the issue, it is crucial to safeguard IT assets from file encrypting malware threats. It is also important to ensure that insurance firms do not engage in any collusion with criminals. This will help create a more secure and resilient cybersecurity landscape for businesses and individuals.

Key points:

is an HTML element used for grouping and organizing content in a webpage.
2. A comprehensive study by the NCSC and the Research Institute found no evidence that cyber insurance leads to higher ransom payments.
3. The study also found no collaboration between insurance companies and ransomware criminals.
4. British officials are working on a Counter Ransomware initiative to combat cybercrime.
5. Safeguarding IT assets and preventing collusion between insurance firms and criminals are important for cybersecurity.

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