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RSM US enhances client security with Stellar Cyber Open XDR.

# RSM US Partners with Stellar Cyber to Enhance Cybersecurity Defenses for Global MSSP Client Network

## Introduction
Stellar Cyber, the creator of Open XDR, has recently announced a partnership with RSM US, a prominent provider of professional services to the middle market. This collaboration aims to bolster the cybersecurity defenses for RSM US’s Global MSSP Client Network through the implementation of the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform.

## Strengthening Cybersecurity Defenses
RSM US operates a global managed security operations service called RSM Defense, offering clients around-the-clock threat detection, response, and intelligence services. By integrating Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform into their workflow, RSM Defense can unify disparate data sources and security tools, providing a comprehensive solution that includes SIEM, NDR, UEBA, and TPA tools in one platform.

## Innovative Approach to Security
Todd Willoughby, Director of RSM Defense, commended Stellar Cyber’s approach to cybersecurity, emphasizing the platform’s ability to deliver a complete view of security events across clients’ infrastructure. With machine learning capabilities and robust detection rulesets, the platform levels the playing field for security analysts of varying skill levels, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

## Empowering Security Teams
Steve Garrison, SVP Marketing at Stellar Cyber, highlighted the importance of empowering enterprises and MSSPs with comprehensive visibility, data correlation, and rapid integrations to client security stack tools. The Open XDR platform offers a unique solution that addresses these needs, providing unparalleled control and efficiency in managing cybersecurity threats.

## About Stellar Cyber and RSM
Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform offers unified security solutions that empower lean security teams to effectively secure their environments. On the other hand, RSM is a leading provider of professional services to the middle market, focused on instilling confidence in a world of change and empowering clients to realize their full potential.

## Key Points
– RSM US partners with Stellar Cyber to enhance cybersecurity defenses for their Global MSSP Client Network.
– Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform provides a comprehensive solution that unifies security tools and data sources.
– The platform’s machine learning capabilities and robust detection rulesets empower security analysts of all skill levels.
– Stellar Cyber and RSM share a common goal of instilling confidence and empowering clients in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

## Summary
The collaboration between RSM US and Stellar Cyber signifies a significant step towards strengthening cybersecurity defenses for the Global MSSP Client Network. By leveraging the innovative Open XDR platform, RSM US can unify their security operations and enhance threat detection and response capabilities. This partnership highlights the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures in today’s digital landscape and sets a benchmark for future collaborations in the industry.

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