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Securing the Edge Ecosystem Global Research released – Complimentary report available

AT&T Cybersecurity is committed to helping organizations strategically plan for an evolving cybersecurity landscape. Our 2023 AT&T Cybersecurity InsightsTM Report: Edge Ecosystem is now available, and gives insight into the common characteristics of an edge computing environment, the top use cases, security trends, and key recommendations for strategic planning. The report is the 12th edition of our vendor-neutral and forward-looking research.

The research found that edge computing is expanding, creating a new ecosystem with distributed management, intelligence, networks, applications, and workloads. Furthermore, businesses are embracing the value of edge deployments, with 57% of survey respondents in proof of concept, partial, or full implementation phases with their edge computing use cases.

The report also found that security is an integral part of edge computing, with organizations investing in security for edge. The survey revealed a balanced investment strategy across four key areas; network, overall strategy and planning, security, and applications.

Additionally, the report found that external trusted advisors are being called upon as a critical extension of the team, with 64% of respondents using an external partner during the edge project planning phase, and 71% during the production phase.

Finally, the research found that resilience is an important factor for successful edge integration, and that organizations are fortifying and future-proofing their edge architectures and adding cyber resilience as a core pillar.

The key takeaways from this report are that organizations should start developing their edge computing profile, work with internal teams and vendors to identify initiatives that impact security, bundle security investments with use case development, evaluate investment allocations, use collaboration to expand expertise and lower resource costs, and prepare for ongoing, dynamic response.

By embracing edge computing, organizations can gain important and competitive business advantages. The 2023 AT&T Cybersecurity InsightsTM Report: Edge Ecosystem is designed to help organizations start and further the conversation, and develop a strategic plan that includes key development areas.

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