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Settling for the bare minimum is jeopardising your business’ cyber safety

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The UK Government’s research from 2023 highlights the prevalence of cybersecurity breaches and attacks on organizations. A significant number of businesses, especially medium and large companies, have experienced security breaches in the past year. This indicates that current cybersecurity approaches are failing to effectively protect organizations from emerging threats.

One major reason for the failure of current cybersecurity approaches is the overreliance on compliance. Many businesses focus solely on meeting regulatory requirements without considering their specific organizational needs. Compliance should be seen as a starting point rather than the endpoint of cybersecurity efforts.

By treating compliance as the bare minimum standard, businesses become complacent and fail to proactively address cybersecurity risks. Tick-box compliance practices often lead to siloed defense departments, with IT and security teams being solely responsible for cybersecurity measures. However, Accenture’s State of Cybersecurity Report emphasizes that cybersecurity should be the responsibility of the entire C-suite.

There is often a disconnect between cybersecurity teams and key decision-makers within organizations. Performanta research found that security leaders often do not feel fully supported by the board. This lack of understanding and support hinders effective decision-making and puts organizations at risk.

To solve these traditional cybersecurity challenges, businesses need to shift their focus towards achieving true cyber safety. This requires a realignment of practices and adherence to the principles of visibility, transparency, and contextualization. By making cybersecurity accessible to all stakeholders and providing easy-to-understand reports, businesses can foster collaboration and better decision-making.

Reporting should also include the impact on the overall business, encouraging the C-suite and shareholders to incorporate cybersecurity into their wider strategy. This shift towards cyber safety requires a thorough understanding of why compliance alone is not enough to ensure operational safety.

In conclusion, the

element is an essential tool in web development for organizing and structuring content. Current cybersecurity approaches that rely solely on compliance are failing to adequately protect organizations from emerging threats. Shifting towards a focus on cyber safety, which includes visibility, transparency, and contextualization, is crucial for improving resilience and effectively addressing cybersecurity risks.

Key Points:
– The

element is commonly used in web development to create divisions or sections within a webpage.
– Current cybersecurity approaches centered around compliance are failing to protect organizations from emerging threats.
– Compliance should be seen as a starting point rather than the endpoint of cybersecurity efforts.
– Businesses need to shift towards achieving true cyber safety by focusing on visibility, transparency, and contextualization.
– Collaboration between cybersecurity teams and key decision-makers is crucial for effective decision-making and improved resilience.

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