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So you think you know ransomware? – Naked Security

The Naked Security podcast, hosted by Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin, covers a range of topics related to cybersecurity and technology news. In a recent episode, the hosts discussed router vulnerabilities, Megaupload’s legal troubles, and Sophos’ new documentary series on ransomware. Router vulnerabilities can allow hackers to break into networks if not patched in time, which can lead to data breaches and other security issues. The hosts also discussed the recent prison sentences handed down to two of the four founders of Megaupload, a file locker service that encouraged copyright infringement and faced takedown orders from the FBI. Finally, the hosts promoted Sophos’ new documentary series on ransomware, which explores the history and impact of this prevalent cyber threat.

The episode began with a segment on the history of computing, specifically Microsoft’s release of a version of BASIC programming language for 8086 processors in 1979. The hosts also announced the release of Sophos’ new documentary series on ransomware, which is available for viewing on their website. The first episode, “Origins of Cybercrime,” explores the early days of ransomware and the factors that contributed to its rise as a major cyber threat. The hosts encouraged listeners to check it out and learn more about this important topic.

The hosts then turned their attention to the legal troubles facing the founders of Megaupload, a file locker service that faced takedown orders from the FBI due to copyright infringement concerns. While the primary founder, Kim Dotcom, continues to fight extradition to the US, two of the other founders have decided to plead guilty and assist US authorities in their investigation. The judge in the case noted that while it was difficult to quantify the monetary losses incurred by copyright infringement, the harm caused to independent creators and small businesses was just as significant. The hosts also noted that the takedown system used by Megaupload was designed to be ineffective, with only specific URLs being taken down while the underlying files remained accessible.

Overall, the episode covered a range of cybersecurity-related news and topics, highlighting the ongoing threats facing individuals and businesses alike. The hosts encouraged listeners to stay informed and take steps to protect themselves from these threats, including keeping their software up to date and being cautious when opening emails or downloading files from unknown sources.

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