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SOLUTION REVIEW: Enzoic for Active Directory

Compromised credentials are the main cause of data breaches, emphasizing the need for organizations to strengthen their defenses. The strength and security of passwords are crucial in protecting an organization’s valuable resources. Enzoic for Active Directory is a solution that addresses this issue directly, enhancing password security to meet compliance standards and mitigate risks.

Unauthorized access to sensitive data, applications, or systems can lead to various negative consequences for organizations. The State of Authentication Security Report highlights that the reallocation of IT resources for incident response and remediation is the most immediate impact, followed by system or service downtime and increased helpdesk workload.

Enzoic for Active Directory goes beyond traditional password filters by offering real-time, dynamic password integrity within an Active Directory environment. By integrating with existing AD infrastructure, it provides an additional layer of security. What sets it apart is the power of its in-house threat intelligence team backed by machine learning, continuously updating a massive database of compromised credentials.

Enzoic continuously screens against a database of compromised username and password pairs found on the Dark Web, identifying and remediating vulnerable passwords. Its expansive threat intelligence, powered by a dedicated in-house team, ensures robust detection and swift remediation. Additionally, Enzoic operates invisibly behind the scenes, providing a seamless user experience and reducing helpdesk support workload.

The key benefits of Enzoic include continuous scanning and automated alerting, streamlined compliance with leading industry standards, proactive prevention of Account Takeover attacks, improved audit efficiency, and optimized resource allocation for IT departments.

Enzoic for Active Directory can be easily implemented through a software-based plugin that integrates with existing AD Domain Controllers. Endpoint agents are available for specific user instructions during password resets. The solution is user-friendly and can be deployed within minutes, and pricing is based on the number of accounts needing protection.

In conclusion, Enzoic for Active Directory is an agile, robust, and user-friendly solution for organizations seeking to strengthen their password security. Its features, including continuous credential security, expansive threat intelligence, and minimalistic user experience, make it highly recommended for fortifying an organization’s first line of defense.

Key Points:
1. Compromised credentials are the leading cause of data breaches, highlighting the need for stronger defenses.
2. Enzoic for Active Directory enhances password security to meet compliance standards and mitigate risks.
3. Negative consequences of unauthorized access include reallocation of IT resources, system downtime, and increased helpdesk workload.
4. Enzoic offers continuous credential security, expansive threat intelligence, and a seamless user experience.
5. Key benefits include improved overall security posture, compliance fulfillment, proactive ATO prevention, efficient auditing, and optimized resource allocation.
6. Enzoic integrates seamlessly with existing AD infrastructure and can be deployed quickly.
7. Pricing is based on the number of accounts needing protection.
8. Enzoic is an enterprise-focused cybersecurity company committed to preventing account takeover and fraud through threat intelligence monitoring.

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