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Sophos DNS Protection – Join the EAP – Sophos News

is a new web protection service called Sophos DNS Protection.
– It is available for early access and will be provided at no extra charge to all Xstream Protection Sophos Firewall customers.
– The goal is to put the service to the test and make it the best it can be.
– Users are encouraged to join the early access program and add another layer of protection to their network.
– To get started, users need to complete a registration form and will receive a Getting Started guide via email.
– Setup is simple, requiring the addition of the location IP address in Sophos Central and the DSN service to the network.
– Optionally, users can create a policy for additional customization.
– Sophos DNS Protection instantly blocks access to unsafe and unwanted domains across all ports, protocols, and applications.
– It complements existing network security and policy enforcement tools and can be deployed in minutes.
– It is a globally accessible domain name resolution service with integrated policy controls and reporting in Sophos Central.
– It is backed by SophosLabs’ real-time threat intelligence and protects organizations from malicious domain activity.
– It allows users to enact policy for domain categories or domain lists.
– By using Sophos DNS Protection, users can prevent devices on their network from accessing domains associated with security threats and unwanted websites.
– Deploying it on a network protected by Sophos Firewall adds an additional layer of protection to all protocols and ports.
– For more information, users can visit the Sophos DNS Protection Community Forums.

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