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Sophos Firewall v20 MR1 release now available – Sophos News

# Sophos Firewall v20 MR1: New Features and Enhancements

We’re excited to announce the release of Sophos Firewall v20 MR1, our biggest maintenance release yet with a plethora of new features that rival a major firewall version. From enhanced security and access control to improved SD-WAN and VPN functionalities, this update is packed with valuable enhancements for all licensed Sophos Firewall customers.

## What’s New
### Firewall Security and Access
– Device access updates for more granular control over WAN services
– Additional services in Local ACL exceptions list
– Flexibility in access rule exceptions with FQDN hosts, host groups, and MAC addresses

### OpenVPN Upgrade
– OpenVPN module upgraded to v2.6.0 for improved SSL VPN security and performance

### SD-WAN and VPN Enhancements
– Improved gateway availability time during failover and device reboot events
– OpenVPN 3.0 client for remote access SSL VPN
– Support for IPsec Phase-1 IKEv2 with GCM and suite-B ciphers

### Zero-Touch Deployment
– True zero-touch deployment via Sophos Central without the need for on-site resources

### Other Enhancements
– Generative-AI assistant for firewall management
– Localization language auto-detection at login
– New debug file download option
– Improved IPv6 DHCP-PD prefix update
– CLI option to bypass system-generated traffic in IPsec site-to-site VPN

### SSL VPN Compatibility Note
– Upgraded OpenVPN may cause compatibility issues with older clients and firewall versions

## How to Get the Firmware and Documentation
Sophos Firewall OS v20 MR1 is a free upgrade for all licensed customers and can be manually downloaded from Sophos Central. The update will be rolled out to connected devices over the coming weeks, ensuring all customers have access to the latest security and performance fixes. Full product documentation is available online and within the product.

## Key Points
– Sophos Firewall v20 MR1 offers significant enhancements in security, access control, and VPN functionality
– SSL VPN compatibility may be affected by the update, requiring attention from users with older clients and firewall versions
– Keeping your firewall firmware up to date is crucial for maintaining security and accessing new features

In conclusion, Sophos Firewall v20 MR1 is a substantial update that brings valuable improvements to firewall management and security. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of the latest enhancements and ensure their network remains secure and efficient.

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