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Sophos honors International Women’s Day 2024 – Sophos News.

# Celebrating International Women’s Day at Sophos

In a recent video, Sophos’ Morgan Demboski, Hilary Wood, and Nayana V R shared their personal career journeys as Threat Intelligence Analysts. Watch the video below to hear from these inspiring women about their experiences and challenges in the cybersecurity industry.

## Global events across Sophos

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Sophos is hosting various global events to support women in need. This includes a breakfast fundraiser for charity Smart Works in the UK, creating care kits for Bloom Group Women’s Shelter in Vancouver, and packaging hygiene kits in Dallas with Girls, Inc. Additionally, there will be online forums and webinars focusing on women’s inclusion in the modern workplace.

## Taking meaningful action

Sophos understands that creating an equitable workplace is an ongoing effort. By listening, learning, and taking proactive steps to address inequities, the company is committed to creating pathways for everyone to succeed. This includes implementing policies and practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization.

### Key Points:
– Sophos employees share their career journeys as Threat Intelligence Analysts.
– International Women’s Day events at Sophos include fundraisers, charity initiatives, and online forums.
– Sophos is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace through proactive measures.

### Summary:
Sophos is dedicated to celebrating International Women’s Day by sharing inspirational stories, hosting global events, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Through the efforts of employees like Morgan Demboski, Hilary Wood, and Nayana V R, Sophos continues to support women in the cybersecurity industry and beyond.

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