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Sophos Managed Risk: Powered by Tenable for enhanced cybersecurity protection.

# Addressing Unpatched Vulnerabilities: Sophos Managed Risk Solution

## Introduction
Exploited unpatched vulnerabilities have been identified as the primary root cause of successful cyberattacks, according to Sophos’ 2024 Ransomware Report. With the modern attack surface expanding beyond traditional IT boundaries, organizations are increasingly at risk from cyber threats targeting unpatched or under-protected assets. In response to this growing concern, Sophos has introduced a new service, Sophos Managed Risk, powered by Tenable, to help organizations identify and eliminate blind spots and stay ahead of potential attacks.

## Key Features of Sophos Managed Risk
– **Attack surface visibility:** Sophos Managed Risk identifies and analyzes an organization’s internet-facing assets to uncover potential vulnerabilities.
– **Continuous monitoring:** The service provides expert guidance and helps set remediation priorities for in-house IT and security teams.
– **Risk-based vulnerability prioritization:** Sophos Managed Risk utilizes extensive vulnerability coverage and risk-based prioritization technology from Tenable to identify and prioritize exposures.
– **Proactive notification of high-risk exposures:** The service alerts organizations to new critical vulnerabilities affecting their assets, allowing for swift action to mitigate risks.

## The Sophos-Tenable Alliance
Sophos Managed Risk combines Tenable’s industry-leading technology with Sophos’ threat expertise to deliver proactive attack surface management services. This partnership aims to address urgent security challenges and help organizations identify and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities in external assets, devices, and software.

## Collaboration with Sophos MDR Service
Sophos Managed Risk is available as an extended service with Sophos MDR, providing organizations with comprehensive protection and support. The dedicated Sophos Managed Risk team works closely with Sophos MDR to share essential information about zero-days, known vulnerabilities, and exposure risks, enabling organizations to anticipate attacks and reduce cyber risk.

## Availability and Conclusion
Sophos Managed Risk, offering insights into attack surface vulnerabilities, will be available at the end of April 2024. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from this service to reduce cyber risk, accelerate patching programs, and improve insurability. To learn more about Sophos Managed Risk and its capabilities, visit the Sophos website or consult with a security expert.

## Key Points
– Exploited unpatched vulnerabilities are the leading cause of successful cyberattacks.
– Sophos Managed Risk provides attack surface visibility, continuous monitoring, risk-based vulnerability prioritization, and proactive notifications of high-risk exposures.
– The alliance between Sophos and Tenable aims to deliver superior security outcomes for customers.
– Sophos Managed Risk collaborates with the Sophos MDR service to provide comprehensive protection and support.
– The service will be available at the end of April 2024, offering organizations insights into attack surface vulnerabilities and the ability to reduce cyber risk.

In summary, Sophos Managed Risk addresses the critical issue of unpatched vulnerabilities by empowering organizations to proactively manage their attack surface and prioritize remediation efforts effectively. This innovative solution combines industry-leading technology with expert guidance to help organizations stay ahead of cyber threats and enhance their overall security posture.

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