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Sophos MDR and XDR now integrate with Google Workspace.

Title: Sophos Enhances Google Workspace Security with New Integration

Organizations with distributed workforces increasingly depend on cloud-based productivity platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for seamless collaboration and file sharing. To counter advanced cyber threats targeting these business-critical tools, Sophos has launched a new integration with Google Workspace. This article delves into the benefits of this integration and how it can help defend against attacks on productivity tools.

Detect and Respond to Threats in Google Workspace Environments:
Google Workspace offers built-in security controls, but many security teams struggle with investigating, validating, and responding to threats due to limited resources. Sophos’ Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provide granular visibility across the entire IT environment. These connected tech approaches correlate data from various products and technologies, offering comprehensive visibility across applications, tools, and security components. The new integration collects security data and telemetry from Google Workspace, enabling Sophos analysts and users to detect and prevent threats effectively.

Sophos MDR and Sophos XDR Integration Benefits:
Sophos’ MDR service ensures round-the-clock security monitoring, filters out redundant alerts, and investigates threats specific to Google Workspace. It identifies unauthorized Google Account access and malicious Gmail activity, protecting organizations from potential breaches. Additionally, organizations using Sophos XDR for in-house investigation and response can integrate Google Workspace telemetry. This integration helps identify suspicious logins, activity associated with suspended user accounts, and anomalous changes to administrator settings. By consolidating threat detections from various sources, organizations gain a unified view of potential threats.

Available at No Additional Charge:
Sophos offers a range of turnkey integrations with both Sophos and third-party technologies in their MDR and XDR subscriptions. Integrations with productivity tools like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are available to both new and existing MDR and XDR customers at no additional cost. This allows organizations to enhance their defense against active adversaries without incurring extra expenses.

Elevate Your Defenses with the New Google Workspace Integration:
To learn more about how Sophos MDR and XDR can help organizations defend against active adversaries targeting productivity tools, including Google Workspace, interested parties can get in touch with a Sophos adviser or their Sophos partner. Customers who already use Sophos MDR or XDR can activate the Google Workspace integration through their Sophos Central console.

Key Points:
1. Sophos launches new integration with Google Workspace to defend against advanced attacks.
2. Sophos MDR and XDR solutions provide comprehensive visibility and threat detection capabilities.
3. The integration helps identify unauthorized access, suspicious activities, and changes to administrator settings.
4. Sophos offers the integration at no additional charge to both new and existing MDR and XDR customers.
5. Interested organizations can contact Sophos for more information or activate the integration through the Sophos Central console.

Sophos has unveiled a new integration with Google Workspace, enabling organizations to better protect their productivity tools from advanced cyber threats. By leveraging Sophos’ MDR and XDR solutions, security teams gain granular visibility and effective threat detection capabilities. The integration collects security data and telemetry from Google Workspace, providing analysts and users with enhanced visibility to detect and respond to potential threats. Available at no extra cost, this integration further strengthens Sophos’ commitment to helping organizations defend against active adversaries.

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