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IT & Cyber Security Swinton

Cyber security consultants Swinton.

Sigma Cyber Security - Swinton

Identifying and eradicating risk for businesses in South Yorkshire.

Sigma Cyber Security help businesses in Swinton prevail over the danger affiliated with Cyber Crime. We have developed a network of highly experienced cyber security experts in Swinton and have identified a range of applications to protect your business to the maximum levels.

What we do - IT Cyber Security Services in Swinton

Advance Defence Against Constantly Evolving Threats

The specialists here at Sigma Cyber Security are constantly examining the cyber security marketplace and evolving our offering to make sure maximum levels of protection both for our clients and our own business.

If your business has been hacked, we can resolve the issue quickly.

Infrastructure testing, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments.

We offer a comprehensive range of detection and response services.

A detailed range of cyber consultancy services are available through Sigma.

Secure your Cyber Essentials Certification with Sigma Cyber.

ISO27001 Auditing, Gap Analysis and Certification preparation. 

Cyber security consultants Swinton

We evaluate your requirements, figuring out where there are potential weak points and possible risks. Then we work with your company to implement a straightforward plan to achieve the maximum levels of protection.
Our Products - Cyber Security for Businesses in Swinton

We Have Built A Range Of Cyber Security Products That Secure Your Business Effectively, Reducing Risk

Sigma Cyber Security are constantly evaluating the products available in the cyber security marketplace and incorporating the most effective solutions in our IT and cyber security product selection.

Manage access to your network, detect and neutralise any arising threats as they occur.

Cover every device require for the day-to-day functioning of your business using our all-encompassing endpoint protection solution.

Manage threats to your database and get inline with regulations with a high-quality security management product.

Manage threats and get up to date with regulations as they evolve, with our high-quality security management product.

Provide the ultimate defence for your mobile and web-based applications from the threats of today, ensuring a safe user experience.

Identify and filter out potentially harmful data and protect the essentials with increased control over your database.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through what some of the common questions we get asked around IT and cyber security services and products in  Swinton.

We have IT and cyber security consultants in South Yorkshire and all surrounding areas. 

We provide IT and cyber security services for SMB, SME/ “Mid-Market” and large enterprise businesses of all sizes.

Cyber security specialists Swinton