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Stalkerware Vendor Hacked – Schneier on Security

The stalkerware company LetMeSpy has recently fallen victim to a hacking attack, as reported by TechCrunch. The leaked data includes extensive call logs and text messages dating back to 2013. Upon review, it was found that the compromised devices numbered at least 13,000, although some shared minimal data with LetMeSpy. The database contained over 13,400 location data points, with the majority of victims located in the United States, India, and Western Africa. Additionally, the leaked data revealed information about 26,000 customers who used the spyware for free, as well as the email addresses of paying subscribers. Unfortunately, the leaked data does not include any identifying information, making it challenging to notify the victims without potentially alerting the stalker.

In terms of key points, it is crucial to highlight the severity of this hacking incident. LetMeSpy, a stalkerware company, has suffered a significant breach, exposing years of victims’ call logs and text messages. The compromised device count is estimated to be at least 13,000, with a majority of victims located in the United States, India, and Western Africa. The leaked data also includes information about free users and paying subscribers, further emphasizing the scale of the breach. However, the absence of identifying information poses a challenge in notifying the victims without putting them at risk. This incident highlights the ongoing threat of data breaches, hacking, and stalking, emphasizing the need for robust cybersecurity measures to protect individuals’ privacy and safety.

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