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TFL’s Data Fraud and Penalties Spark Intense Controversy

Title: Transport for London Faces Accusations of Fraudulent Data Acquisition and Unjust Penalties on EU Visitors

Citizens residing in the European Union are encountering difficulties when it comes to settling fines imposed by Transport for London (TFL). These penalties, ranging from £1000 to £6000 or more, have raised concerns not only due to their high amounts but also due to allegations of fraudulent data acquisition and the perception of London’s visitors as lucrative targets.

Unlawful Acquisition of EU Drivers’ Data:
TFL stands accused of unlawfully obtaining data on millions of drivers from the European Union and subsequently issuing penalties to a significant number of recent London visitors. Particularly affected are individuals traveling from countries like Spain, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, as post-Brexit regulations require residents of these regions to obtain permission to visit Britain.

Violation of Basic Human Rights:
Many visitors view these penalties as a violation of their basic human rights, arguing that fines related to the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) are being imposed without any practical violation. The Transport authority of London, under Sadiq Khan’s leadership, has issued over 316,000 penalty charging notices to visitors arriving in the city by vehicle in recent weeks. One extreme case involved a French driver who received a staggering £25,000 penalty for allegedly violating Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and ULEZ rules while driving a minibus.

Legal Action against TFL:
According to an exclusive report by The Guardian, more than 100 French drivers and over 60 lorry owners from the Netherlands are considering taking legal action against TFL. They claim that TFL acquired data from Euro Parking Collection centers and imposed hefty fines on vehicles that emitted very low emissions but were deemed non-compliant with ULEZ rules.

Erroneously Issued Penalties:
Some affected individuals argue that penalties were wrongly issued based on outdated 2021 data, despite having transitioned to electric vehicles since then. In response, TFL has assured that any instances of wrongly issued notices will be addressed through legal channels and rectified accordingly if promptly reported.

Transport for London (TFL) is facing allegations of unlawfully obtaining EU drivers’ data and imposing penalties on millions of visitors. These fines, particularly related to the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), are seen by many as a violation of basic human rights, with penalties being applied without any practical violation. French drivers and lorry owners from the Netherlands are contemplating legal action against TFL, claiming that the authority acquired data erroneously and imposed hefty fines on low-emission vehicles. TFL has assured affected individuals that it will address any wrongly issued notices through legal means if promptly reported.

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