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Top 15 Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) platforms for 2023

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) is a critical component of any organization’s cybersecurity strategy. It helps identify security risks, prioritize misconfigurations, and implement a zero-trust framework. While there are only a few capable solutions in the market, it is important to choose the right DSPM platform to streamline data protection, governance, and compliance efforts. Here is a list of some of the top DSPM tools to consider:

1. Securiti DSPM: Ranked at the top on Gartner’s list, Securiti DSPM offers comprehensive data protection for sensitive data across various environments and formats. It leverages AI/ML-powered insights to streamline data governance, access policies, and privacy operations.

2. Symmetry DataGuard: This solution provides real-time data protection, visibility, and advanced analytics to ensure data security, availability, and integrity. It offers extensive capabilities and features, but may require time to understand and implement.

3. Sentra: Known for its speed and efficiency, Sentra offers agentless discovery, minimizing disruption to productivity. It is easy to implement and scale and offers great integration capabilities.

4. Dig Security Platform: With a high recommendation rate, Dig Security Platform helps identify and categorize data accurately, ensuring robust protection against security risks.

5. Flow Security: Flow Security covers a wide range of environments, including on-prem infrastructure, cloud environments, and SaaS applications. Its ML capabilities enable data teams to discover and classify data elements effectively.

6. Laminar: Laminar offers an agile DSPM solution with a focus on speed, accuracy, and efficiency. While it has room for improvement in scalability, it provides insights into multi-cloud and SaaS environments.

7. TrustLogix: Built for the cloud, TrustLogix offers data visibility and optimized controls for security, governance, and compliance. It reviews log files to detect anomalies related to sensitive data access.

8. Cyera: Cyera’s DSPM solution provides comprehensive information on sensitive data, geographies, and data access controls. It covers a wide range of ecosystems, including IaaS, PaaS, and self-managed databases.

9. Concentric: Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence product helps businesses find their most important data, identify security gaps, and prevent unauthorized access. Its ML capabilities allow autonomous discovery and classification of data.

10. Veza: Veza’s DSPM solution provides a powerful vulnerability management system and can be integrated with various cloud and SaaS systems.

11. BigID: Known for its cloud data management solutions, BigID now offers a DSPM solution. It provides data discovery and classification as well as risk identification and optimization of data access policies.

12. Fasoo: Fasoo’s Data Radar offers advanced DSPM capabilities, including data discovery, classification, access controls, and risk assessment.

13. Normalyze: Normalyze’s DSPM platform allows users to search, identify, and categorize data in Google, Azure, and AWS data clouds across various formats.

14. OneTrust: OneTrust provides data discovery, classification, and inventorying capabilities. It helps identify security gaps and enhance access controls for implementing a zero-trust framework.

15. Open Raven: Open Raven’s DSPM platform enables businesses to discover and classify data, assess security posture risks, optimize controls, and implement guardrails for compliance.

In conclusion, choosing the right DSPM platform is crucial for data protection and compliance. Consider the features, capabilities, and integration options of each platform to find the best fit for your organization.

Key points:
– DSPM plays a critical role in identifying security risks and implementing a zero-trust framework.
– Securiti DSPM and Symmetry DataGuard are top-ranked platforms.
– Sentra offers speed, efficiency, and easy implementation.
– Dig Security Platform and Flow Security provide accurate data identification and robust protection.
– Cyera and Concentric cover a wide range of ecosystems for data discovery.
– Veza, BigID, Fasoo, Normalyze, OneTrust, and Open Raven offer various DSPM capabilities.
– Choose the best DSPM platform based on your organization’s specific needs and objectives.

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