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Top Five Steps to Elevate Your Data Security Posture Management and Secure Your Data

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it’s important for organizations to prioritize data security in today’s evolving threat landscape. Traditional best practices like strong passwords and multi-factor authentication are still relevant, but they are no longer enough. The variety of data that needs protection has become more complex, and employees can easily create, modify, and share sensitive content. Human error is a major contributor to data breaches, with 74% of all breaches involving the human element. Data security posture management (DSPM) is critical for organizations to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data.

To enhance security awareness, organizations can follow a five-step guide:
1. Data Sensitivity: Educate employees about sensitive data and the importance of protecting it through workshops and webinars. Understanding the types of data being handled is crucial.
2. Contextual Awareness: Help employees understand that data can be misused when taken out of context. Real-world examples can illustrate the risks of sharing data without considering its broader implications.
3. Risk Assessment Drills: Conduct mock drills to simulate scenarios where sensitive data might be at risk. This helps employees understand the real-world implications of data breaches and the importance of following security protocols.
4. Permission Audits: Regularly audit and correct data permissions across all platforms to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Review and update permissions during Cybersecurity Awareness Month to ensure employees have access to only necessary data.
5. Actionable Insights: Share insights on the company’s data risk posture to empower employees to take individual actions that contribute to overall security. Transparency is key in highlighting successful remediations and areas that need attention.

Combining data security awareness with robust DSPM is crucial for keeping data secure. It’s important for organizations to prioritize cybersecurity and implement these tips and best practices to minimize the impact of data breaches. With a security-aware workforce and a robust DSPM solution, organizations can achieve a strong level of data security.

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