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Trolls, military data, and the hitman and her • Graham Cluley

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Key points:
1. The “Smashing Security” podcast discusses various cybersecurity topics.
2. The latest episode features a discussion on hiring an assassin online, US military personnel data, and trolls and tattoos.
3. The hosts of the podcast are Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, with guest Dave Bittner.
4. The episode includes an interview with Jason Meller of Kolide.
5. The podcast may contain mature content and language.
6. The article includes images and links related to the podcast and its sponsors.
7. Listeners can support the podcast by sharing it with others and leaving reviews.
8. The podcast can be followed on Twitter, Mastodon, Reddit, and its official website.
9. The article is written by Graham Cluley, a cybersecurity veteran.
10. The article includes a call-to-action to follow Graham Cluley on social media for more exclusive content.

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