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The use of unified security and endpoint management (USEM) is becoming increasingly popular as companies strive to gain a clearer, real-time picture of their devices and security posture. Syxsense launched its Enterprise platform last year to address the three key elements of endpoint management and security: vulnerabilities, patch, and compliance. The platform provides features like Zero Trust and MDM that can be tested with personal devices. Cortex automation engine allows for automated remediation of vulnerabilities with a drag and drop interface without any coding. Device health can be quickly checked with the circle next to the device name that indicates the current health of the device based on patch status and active vulnerabilities. Syxsense Enterprise also offers task and workflow sequencing and policy implementation, and provides options for scheduling patch deployments. The platform also offers a number of reports for compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and SOX.

In conclusion, Syxsense Enterprise is a unified endpoint management and security platform that can reduce costs and risk while improving efficiency. It is easy to use, with features like Zero Trust and MDM, Cortex automation engine, task and workflow sequencing, policy implementation, patch deployment scheduling, and compliance reports. With Syxsense Enterprise, companies can gain control over the widespread use of personal devices and the increasing mobility of company-owned devices on the network.

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