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Unraveling the Challenges of Deception Technology in Industrial Control Systems Security: A Dive into Orange Cyberdefense’s Security Navigator

In conclusion, the Security Navigator 2023 report of Orange Cyberdefense has demonstrated a rapid increase of attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) in recent years, and it is therefore vitally important to ensure cybersecurity for operational technology (OT). Deception is an effective option to improve threat detection and response capabilities, and there are some ICS honeypot applications such as Conpot, XPOT and CryPLH which can be deployed and configured to simulate the IEC104, Modbus, BACnet, HTTP, and other protocols. However, there are still some challenges when applying deception technology to ICS security, such as the numerous kinds of industrial control devices, protocols and equipment and the limited simulation capabilities of purely virtual ICS honeypots.

To sum up, the use of deception technology for ICS security is beneficial in terms of improving threat detection and response capabilities, and it is a necessary measure for industrial enterprises to ensure the safety and security of their production and business operations. However, further development and breakthroughs are still needed in order to overcome the challenges posed by this technology.

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