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Update on Naked Security – Sophos News

is a comprehensive article discussing the transition of Naked Security articles to the Sophos News blog platform. This move allows for all Sophos security research, insights, and intelligence to be found in one location. The article emphasizes the value of the Naked Security community’s engagement and expertise in improving cybersecurity for everyone.

The article highlights the increasing demand for deep threat research as adversary behaviors evolve. In response, Sophos is focusing on proprietary research by their Sophos X-Ops team. This team consists of over 500 threat intelligence and security experts who provide insights into various important topics such as ransomware attacker trends, software vulnerabilities, and supply chain attacks. Readers can find their articles in the Security Operations, Threat Research, and AI Research sections of the Sophos News blog.

The article expresses pride in Naked Security’s contributions to the security community over the past decade. It mentions that Paul Ducklin, a renowned security expert, will continue to share his expertise on various social media platforms. The readers are invited to subscribe to the Sophos News blog and follow Sophos X-Ops on Twitter and Mastodon for further updates and insights.

In conclusion, the article expresses gratitude for the readers’ support and encourages them to explore the valuable resources provided by Sophos X-Ops. The key points of the article include the transition of Naked Security articles to Sophos News, the focus on proprietary research by Sophos X-Ops, Paul Ducklin’s continued contributions, and the invitation to subscribe to the Sophos News blog and follow Sophos X-Ops on social media.

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