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Vietnam hacked CCTV videos selling like hotcakes on Telegram

Telegram has become a platform for criminal activities, with criminals utilizing the messaging app to exchange data among illicit networks. One example of this is the distribution and sale of hacked intimate CCTV videos on Telegram. These videos, featuring content from bedrooms, are in high demand and are being sold on a dedicated Telegram channel named Vnexpress. The channel, operating out of Russia, specializes in selling compromising videos, exposing the private lives of families and businesses in Vietnam, as well as footage from couples in other countries. The public is urged to refrain from installing CCTV cameras in sensitive areas, as this footage becomes a valuable resource for criminals. There is a growing call for Telegram to implement stringent measures to monitor and control illicit activities on its platform, similar to other major social media platforms.

Key Points:
1. Telegram is being used by criminals for data exchange in various illicit networks.
2. Hacked intimate CCTV videos are being distributed and sold on Telegram.
3. A dedicated Telegram channel named Vnexpress offers these compromising videos for sale.
4. Footage from bedrooms, including couples from different countries, is in high demand.
5. There is a call for Telegram to implement stringent measures to curb criminal activities on its platform.

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