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What’s cooking at And a podcast built by AI • Graham Cluley

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In the article, the “Smashing Security” podcast is discussed, where cybersecurity experts Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault talk about various topics, including the potential risks of sharing credit card details while searching for an aubergine and the effectiveness of an AI-built podcast. The podcast is described as having adult themes and may contain explicit language.

The article also includes an embedded podcast player, allowing readers to listen to the latest episode directly on the page. Additionally, it provides links to the hosts’ Twitter profiles for further engagement and interaction.

The episode is sponsored by Kolide, Devo, and Vanta, each offering cybersecurity solutions and resources. The article encourages readers to support the podcast by spreading the word, leaving reviews on popular podcast platforms, or becoming a patron for ad-free episodes and early access.

Readers are invited to follow the “Smashing Security” podcast on Twitter, Mastodon, Reddit, or visit their website for more episodes. The article concludes with credits for the theme tune and sound effects used in the podcast.

The author of the article, Graham Cluley, is an experienced cybersecurity professional with a background in developing antivirus software. He is now an independent analyst and frequently contributes to the media and speaks at international events on cybersecurity and online privacy. Readers are encouraged to follow him on various social media platforms or contact him via email.

Key points:
– The

element is used to create divisions or sections in HTML.
– The “Smashing Security” podcast discusses cybersecurity topics and is hosted by Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault.
– The podcast may contain explicit language and adult themes.
– The article includes an embedded podcast player and links to the hosts’ Twitter profiles.
– The podcast is sponsored by Kolide, Devo, and Vanta, offering cybersecurity solutions.
– Readers are encouraged to support the podcast through word-of-mouth, reviews, or becoming a patron.
– The article concludes with credits for the podcast’s theme tune and sound effects.
– Graham Cluley, the author, is an experienced cybersecurity professional and independent analyst.

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