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When Looking For Cybersecurity Solutions, Don’t Shrug Off Startups

Why Startups Should Be Considered for Your Cybersecurity Tech Stack

When searching for new technology for your business, it’s easy to turn to well-known corporations with massive marketing budgets. However, this may not always be the best option for your business. Startup tech companies offer a dynamic platform that can grow with your business and provide tailored solutions without the hefty price tag of big-name brands. It’s time to give startup tech a fair shake.

Traditional analyst reports may not be the best indicator of a startup’s potential. Analysts are expensive and often require major customer validation before reviewing a company. This creates a catch-22 situation for startups, as customers won’t buy their product until they are vetted by analysts, but analysts won’t vet them until they have a customer base. Analyst reports are more an indication of potential success and economic status than an evaluation of the product itself.

Incorporating startup vendors into your cybersecurity tech stack can offer several advantages. Big companies are always looking for the next big thing and often pay attention to new technologies from startups. By partnering with startups, you can get in on the ground level before the red tape and markups. Additionally, startups provide “security through obscurity” by offering new protections and technologies that threat actors may not be familiar with yet. Finally, startups typically charge lower prices as they are hungry to grow their businesses.

When vetting a startup and its technology, look for indicators of success. Customer repeatability is important – how many customers do they have, and how long do they stay? Pay attention to category disruption – if the big players are copying a startup, it’s a sign that they have identified a gap in the market. Read reviews on neutral sites from actual customers to get insights into how the company delivers on its promises.

Startups should not be overlooked when searching for your next vendor, platform, or service provider. In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, finding solutions that are nimble and innovative is crucial. If enterprise technology companies are looking to startups for new solutions, it’s time for you to consider them too.

In conclusion, when searching for new technology for your business, don’t discount startups. They offer dynamic platforms, tailored solutions, and often come at a lower price compared to big-name brands. By considering startups, you can stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing field of cybersecurity.

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