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Content & Data Security

Ensure that your content and data is appropriately secured and manage access, detecting and neutralising any arising threats.
What is Content & Data Security?

An overview

Content & Data Security is a means of protecting your content, files, databases, and accounts on a network. 

This is done by adopting a set of controls, applications, and techniques that identifies the importance of datasets, their sensitivity, regulatory compliance requirements. Once the data has been compartmentalised and allocated appropriately then the Content & Data Security system will apply the appropriate protections to secure those resources.

Content and Data Security
Database Management System
What are my obligations for Data Security Under GDPR?

An overview

GDPR set out a series of rules that companies inside the EU, have to follow in regards to their data. These include:

  • Track what kinds of sensitive data they possess
  • Be able to produce that data on demand
  • Prove to auditors that they are taking appropriate steps to safeguard the data
  • Therefore data security should be a concern for all companies inside the EU. 

There are a number of factors which need to be considered under GDPR from a data security perspective including:

  • Data Classification – Companies need to know where customer personal data is stored. Security is crucial, along with accessibility for clients, correcting and erasing data where required.
  • Continuous Monitoring –Data controllers are required to report the discovery of a data breach within 72 hours, and business owners should be able to spot unusual patterns of data access.
  • Metadata – regular reviews of personal data held and identifying if data can be archived.
  • Data Governance – Organisations are required to implement a data governance plan, including who is accessing personal data in the corporate filing system, who should it be accessible to, and restricting access to individuals who are required to access data.

Sigma Cyber Security - Content & Data Security

Content & Data Security

Cyber Security has had to evolve consistently to deal with the increasingly sophisticated threats faced by businesses with online connections, with thousands of cybercriminals using sophisticated technology to automatically scan for vulnerabilities which can cause major issues with your network and data contained within.

Using Sigma Cyber’s Content & Data Security products you can secure your data in line with GDPR requirements and maintain access to appropriate parties, whilst reviewing if data is required to be held.

Data Encryption

Encrypting data ensures that data is only accessible to authorised parties. 2 Factor Authentication is a popular encryption method to secure access to your data. In addition, the data can be stored behind a firewall, ensuring that it is not accessible.

Data Masking

Data masking can provide a level of protection for specific areas of data protecting data from exposure to both internal and external malicious sources, for example masking credit card information is extremely common.

Data Erasure

Under GDPR ensuring that personal information can be erased from all systems is extremely important, such as removal from mailing databases or from customer systems, this is a clear requirement for data management legislation.

Static Analysis

Static Analysis is the process of evaluating an applications code as it being developed, this analysis is called statis application security testing or SAST.

Data Resilience

Data resilience is managed through creating backup copies of data, meaning that if the data is erased accidentally, corrupted or stolen then the data can be recovered. There are different levels of data resilience depending on the sector and the data which is held.

Why Sigma Cyber Security for Content & Data Security?

Sigma Cyber Security have a longstanding and deep understanding of the different factors of Cyber Security. Our team has significant experience at resolving emergency cyber security threats and implementing structured recovery plans to ensure the optimum recovery for the business following a cyber attack. We understand that our clients want a speedy recovery, and our approach is as follows:

Sigma Cyber Security provide a one stop shop for all areas of Cyber Security, we offer a diagnosis service if you have Cyber Security issues, or we can assist your business to build robust security systems and processes to prevent future potential attacks.

Sigma Cyber Security