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Cyber Security Assessment Services

Sigma Cyber Security offer a full suite of Cyber Security Assessment Services
What Are Cyber Security Assessment Services?

An overview

Our team at Sigma Cyber Security provides a wide range of Cyber Security Assessment Services to help safeguard your business against potential attacks on your servers, infrastructure, and software. Contact us today to learn more about our services available to clients in the UK.

A Full Selection Of Cyber Security Assessment Services from Sigma Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security Assessment Services

Sigma Cyber Security provide a full range of Cyber Security Assessment Services from our team, all of which is based in the UK. We offer a wide range of cybersecurity services to help build a robust security plan to mitigate business risk.

Cyber Security is constantly evolving, with new hacking methods constantly changing, it is therefore crucial that you secure the correct level of protection for your business, and frankly this is an area which can be confusing and is opaque at best. Sigma Cyber Security’s team work closely with our clients to provide support, analysis, guidance and advice, assessing your company, the infrastructure which you have adopted, detect any shortcomings and install the necessary protection.

Our approach is provide our clients with the knowledge and support to improve their businesses security to the highest possible levels. We believe that every business could make improvements on their existing Cyber Security setup, and a strong cyber security defence, cyber security detection system and fundamentally better Cyber Security skills are important to every organisation. Defence is often the front line, but having a strong detection system is equally important as the earlier that a threat is detected the less damage it can do.

ISO27001 Gap Analysis​

Cyber Security Review

A cyber security review provides an independent and detailed evaluation of a companies ability its information and digital assets from the impact of cyber threats. The cyber security review is designed to identify and validate the capabilities of the existing cyber security measures. A Cyber Security Review also highlights any vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and identifies potential internal and external cyber security threats.

application security

Penetration Testing

Sigma Cyber Security offer a full range of penetration testing services. Penetration testing is also known as ethical hacking and applies a range of automated and manual processes to uncover any security weaknesses which an IT network, website or application may have. The test and the associated penetration test reports are essential audit tools for the cyber risk assessment of a businesses IT infrastructure and architecture.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning is an important part of maintaining a businesses integrity from a security perspective. Businesses should consistently review their network to look for potential vulnerabilities to be aware of any potential threats. Sigma Cyber Security recommend performing vulnerability scans on a quarterly basis or after a major network change as a minimum as this minimises your businesses potential exposure.

Incidence Response

Cyber attacks can have a significant impact to your business, unfortunately even with the market leading security software there is no such thing as unbeatable security and breaches will occur. Sigma Cyber Security's incidence response service has been established to support our clients at the time they need that support most. Our team will guide you through the process, restrict additional damage and recover as quickly as possible and get your online functions working to ensure business as usual.

Looking for a bespoke cyber security service?

You have come to the right place! Sigma Cyber Security evaluate your requirements, identifying where there are potential shortcomings and potential threats. We then work with our clients to implement a simple plan to achieve the higest possible levels of security.

Why Sigma Cyber Security for Cyber Security Assessment Services?

Sigma Cyber Security have a longstanding and deep understanding of the different factors of Cyber Security. Our team has significant experience in identifying and implement Cyber Security Assessment Services, ensuring the safety of our clients businesses and their infrastructure. Our approach is as follows:

Sigma Cyber Security provide a one stop shop for all areas of Cyber Security, we offer a diagnosis service if you have Cyber Security issues, or we can assist your business to build robust security systems and processes to prevent future potential attacks.

Sigma Cyber Security

Our team

What Our Clients Say

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Fantastic service from start to finish, Sigma Cyber delivered.
John Thompson
Fast, efficient, knowledgable, got the job done!
Robert MartinI
Tech Lead
What we do - Services

Advance Defence Against Constantly Evolving Threats

We are constantly evaluating the cyber security marketplace and evolving our offering to ensure the highest levels of protection both for our clients and our own business.

Emergency Threat Assessment & Recovery

If your business has been hacked, we can resolve the issue quickly.

Cyber Security Assessment Services

Infrastructure testing, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments.

Managed Detection and Response Services

We offer a comprehensive range of detection and response services.

Cyber Security Consultancy Services

A detailed range of cyber consultancy services are available through Sigma.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Secure your Cyber Essentials Certification with Sigma Cyber.

Information Assurance

ISO27001 Auditing, Gap Analysis and Certification preperation. 

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