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Sophos NDR now offered on AWS – Sophos News

# Sophos NDR Now Available in AWS AMI for Enhanced Threat Detection and Response

Sophos NDR can now be deployed in AWS AMI for all NDR and XDR/MDR customers with a licensed integration pack that requires a log collector.

## Advantages of Sophos NDR in AWS

### Cloud-native security monitoring:
– AWS-native NDR sensors provide visibility into network traffic and security events within AWS environments.
– Monitoring and securing cloud-based workloads becomes easier with this feature.

### Scalability:
– Deploying NDR sensor as an AMI allows for scaling security monitoring capabilities based on the growth of AWS infrastructure.
– Multiple instances of the sensor can be launched to cover larger environments or increasing workloads.

### Real-time threat detection and response:
– Sophos NDR monitors encrypted and unencrypted network traffic in real-time, detecting and alerting on potential security incidents.
– Combining Sophos NDR and XDR/MDR with Sophos Firewall in AWS provides real-time Active Threat Response to block active adversaries.

## How Sophos NDR in AWS AMI Works

Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a pre-configured virtual machine image used to create Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances within the AWS environment. An AMI contains necessary information to launch an instance, including the operating system, application server, and any additional software required.

## Getting Started

For more information on how to get started quickly with Sophos NDR in AWS AMI, check out the video, documentation, and links on the [Sophos NDR community](

### Key Points:
– Sophos NDR now available in AWS AMI for all NDR and XDR/MDR customers.
– Cloud-native security monitoring and scalability advantages.
– Real-time threat detection and response capabilities.
– How Sophos NDR in AWS AMI works using Amazon Machine Image.
– Resources available on the Sophos NDR community for quick start.

In conclusion, the deployment of Sophos NDR in AWS AMI enhances threat detection and response capabilities for customers, providing cloud-native security monitoring, scalability, and real-time protection against security incidents in AWS environments. By leveraging the benefits of AMI and integrating with log collectors, Sophos NDR offers a comprehensive solution for securing cloud-based workloads.

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