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Endpoint Security

Manage access to your data from your teams devices.
How Does Endpoint Security work?

An overview

Endpoint security works by examining files as they enter the network.

Normally this is through whats called Endpoint Protection Platforms or EPPs. EPPs secure endpoints through application control. This enables the use of appropriate applications and restricts those which are potentially unsafe using encryption which helps to prevent data exposure or loss.

Endpoint Platform Detection
Network Security
What is Endpoint Security?

An overview

Endpoint Security is the management and security of all devices needed for the day-to-day functioning of your business. 

Sigma Cyber Security’s endpoint security offers a fully comprehensive and competitive cloud-based service.

Sigma Cyber Security - Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Sigma Cyber Security provide a simple yet effective endpoint security solution to our clients, ensuring that there files are easily accessible to appropriate users, but restricted from potential hackers or parties which are not authorised.

Using Sigma Cyber’s endpoint security products you can manage access to your network, detecting and most importantly neutralising any threats as they arise.

Endpoint Platform Detection

Endpoint Protection Platform

Using Sigma Cyber's Endpoint Protection Platform you can maintain a close overview of events occurring within your network, analysing events for signs of policy breaches, violations or threats to your security, maintaining security across all live and potential access points to your network whilst maintaining access to authorised users.

File Integrity Monitoring​

File Integrity Monitoring

We provide a simple user-friendly platform where our users can monitor and regulate a variety of tools relating to your security infrastructure. Our platform is straightforward to install, update, and use and covers antimalware, spam filtering, firewall and VPN capabilities that are all managed from one convenient location.

Looking for a bespoke cyber security service?

You have come to the right place! Sigma Cyber Security evaluate your requirements, identifying where there are potential shortcomings and potential threats. We then work with our clients to implement a simple plan to achieve the higest possible levels of security.

Why Sigma Cyber Security for Endpoint Security?

Sigma Cyber Security have a longstanding and deep understanding of the different factors of Cyber Security. Our team has significant experience at resolving emergency cyber security threats and implementing structured recovery plans to ensure the optimum recovery for the business following a cyber attack. 

We understand that our clients want a speedy recovery, and our approach is as follows:

Sigma Cyber Security provide a one stop shop for all areas of Cyber Security, we offer a diagnosis service if you have Cyber Security issues, or we can assist your business to build robust security systems and processes to prevent future potential attacks.

Sigma Cyber Security

Our team

What Our Clients Say

Listen to our clients…

Fantastic service from start to finish, Sigma Cyber delivered.
John Thompson
Fast, efficient, knowledgable, got the job done!
Robert MartinI
Tech Lead
Our Products

We Have Built A Range Of Cyber Security Products That Secure Your Business Effectively, Reducing Risk

We are constantly evaluating the products available in the cyber security marketplace and incorporating the very best solutions in our product range.

Network Security

Manage access to your network, detect and neutralise any arising threats as they occur.

Endpoint Security

Cover every device require for the day-to-day functioning of your business using our all-encompassing endpoint protection solution.

Database Security

Manage threats to your database and get inline with regulations with a high-quality security management product.

Security Management

Manage threats and get up to date with regulations as they evolve, with our high-quality security management product.

Application Security

Provide the ultimate defence for your mobile and web-based applications from the threats of today, ensuring a safe user experience.

Content & Data Security

Identify and filter out potentially harmful data and protect the essentials with increased control over your database.

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