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Army helicopter crash blamed on skipped software patch

On a Wednesday morning, a dramatic event unfolded on the beach of New South Wales, Australia. An Australian military helicopter was forced to make an emergency ditching in the ocean, just off the coast of the beach.

The incident was reported to be a result of the failure to apply a software patch. This meant that the helicopter was unable to properly regulate its own power, and went into an uncontrolled descent. Fortunately, the five passengers onboard the helicopter were all able to evacuate the aircraft and swim to the beach without serious injury.

The Australian Defence Force released a statement following the incident, confirming that the emergency ditching was indeed due to a software patch not being applied. They also expressed their sincere gratitude that none of the passengers were injured, and that the helicopter itself had also escaped relatively unscathed.

The incident has caused many people to call for greater safety measures to be taken when it comes to the operation of military aircraft. In particular, they have stressed the importance of regularly applying software patches, to ensure that all aircraft systems are updated and secure.

The event has certainly been a wake up call for the Australian Defence Force. They have already made the decision to review their software patching protocols, and ensure that all necessary patches are applied in a timely manner.

Key Points:
• An Australian military helicopter ditched in the water off the coast of a beach in New South Wales, Australia.
• The emergency ditching was caused by the failure to apply a software patch.
• All five passengers onboard the helicopter were able to evacuate safely.
• The incident has caused people to call for stricter safety measures when it comes to the operation of military aircraft.
• The Australian Defence Force is reviewing their software patching protocols.

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