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Cyber Attack on Sweden Parliament just before Ukraine drone attack on Moscow Kremlin

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Recently, the IT infrastructure of the Swedish parliament was hit by a DDoS attack, believed to be the work of pro-Russian hackers. The attack disrupted the website services of the parliament, but IT teams were quick to recover the website. The attack occurred just as Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristensen was about to meet Nordic leaders and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The Russian hacking group Killnet is believed to be responsible for the attack on the Swedish parliament. Killnet targets all adversaries of Moscow and Sweden’s condemnation of the Russian war on Ukraine made it a target. Political analysts suggest that Putin may escalate the war with Ukraine and more cyber attacks may occur.

The Russian Federation is unhappy with the West’s support of Ukraine and is considering a chemical or nuclear attack to justify their war with Kyiv. The region has been out of reach and Putin wants to take full control of Ukraine by dethroning President Zelenskiy. China seems to be playing a double-cross friendly tactic with Russia, which is causing the Kremlin to keep its suggestions and its friend at bay.

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