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Hive Ransomware? Let’s Learn All About It

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Hive Ransomware is a notorious ransomware group that has been dominating the scene since June 2021. Hive has successfully infiltrated more than 350 organizations worldwide, and their reach has affected many industries, including nonprofits, retailers, energy providers, and healthcare facilities. They use a standard double-extortion ransomware attack on their targets, where they encrypt systems, steal sensitive files, and demand a ransom payment in exchange for not releasing the data to the public.

Hive has built its ransomware-as-a-service operation around a team of developers who manage and create malware. Then, affiliates carry out attacks on target networks by purchasing domains from initial access brokers. Hive targets its victims based on how easily they can compromise the victim for quick financial gains. They carry out deep dives into the organization they decide to target before engaging in any ransom payment negotiations.

To limit the effects of ransomware attacks, it is now more critical than ever for cybersecurity measures to be taken within businesses and organizations. This is especially true for the education and healthcare sectors, which have seen an enormous uptick in paid ransoms. According to CISA, there was a 19% rise in vulnerabilities associated with ransomware in 2022. Enterprises can gain the foresight needed to arrange their patching cadence, monitor their ransomware exposure, and better secure their network by prioritizing detection and prevention over recovery.

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tag is an essential tool for creating structure and organization on a webpage. Hive Ransomware is a notorious group that has successfully infiltrated more than 350 organizations worldwide. It is imperative for enterprises to maintain a strong security posture to reduce dangerous exposures and stay ahead of threat actors like Hive. Prioritizing detection and prevention over recovery can help enterprises better secure their network and limit the effects of ransomware attacks.

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