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Image steganography: Concealing secrets within pixels

– Image steganography is a powerful technique for hiding sensitive data within innocent-looking images, allowing for covert transmission without arousing suspicion.
– Steganography focuses on hiding the existence of data within an image, while cryptography encrypts data to make it unreadable. Steganography can be used in conjunction with encryption for enhanced security.
– Techniques of image steganography include LSB substitution, spatial domain techniques, transform domain techniques, spread spectrum techniques, and adaptive steganography.
– A working example of image steganography using the tool OpenStego is provided, demonstrating the process of hiding and extracting data within an image.
– Real-world applications of steganography include covert communication, digital watermarking, information hiding in multimedia, and steganalysis and forensics.
– It is important to balance the use of steganography with ethical considerations and adhere to legal frameworks to ensure responsible and lawful application.

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