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Molly White praises Blockchain book with concise and positive words.

Title: Molly White Critiques Chris Dixon’s Blockchain Book

Renowned technology critic and writer, Molly White, has recently shared her thoughts on Chris Dixon’s latest book on blockchain solutions, titled “Read Write Own.” In her scathing review, White highlights the absence of any successful non-speculative blockchain projects mentioned by Dixon. She specifically points out the shortcomings of one project, Helium, which Dixon praises despite its questionable practices. This article delves into White’s critique, providing insights into her perspective on the book.

Reviewing the Review:
White starts her review by pointing out Dixon’s failure to identify a single blockchain project that has effectively provided a non-speculative service at scale. She scrutinizes Dixon’s mention of Helium, a project that claims to offer grassroots internet access but actually provides LoRaWAN. White highlights the fact that Helium hotspots were not generating enough tokens for operators to break even, despite the company’s inflated valuation of $1.2 billion. Additionally, she exposes the company’s misleading statements about prominent clients and allegations of executives hoarding tokens for personal gain.

Key Points:
1. Chris Dixon’s book, “Read Write Own,” fails to present successful non-speculative blockchain projects.
2. The book praises Helium as a groundbreaking project, despite its limitations and controversies.
3. Helium’s claims of offering grassroots internet access are debunked, as it only provides LoRaWAN.
4. Operators of Helium hotspots struggle to generate adequate tokens, raising questions about the project’s viability.
5. Helium’s valuation does not align with its actual usage fees and allegations of executive misconduct.

Molly White’s review of Chris Dixon’s blockchain book sheds light on the lack of concrete examples of successful non-speculative blockchain projects. By highlighting the flaws in Dixon’s analysis of Helium, White challenges the credibility of the book’s claims. This critical perspective serves as a reminder to readers to approach blockchain solutions with caution and discernment.

Technology critic Molly White critically reviews Chris Dixon’s blockchain book, “Read Write Own.” White criticizes the absence of successful non-speculative blockchain projects discussed in the book and dissects Dixon’s praise of the Helium project. She highlights the discrepancies between Helium’s purported grassroots internet access and its actual provision of LoRaWAN. Additionally, White exposes the struggles faced by Helium hotspot operators and the company’s deceptive practices. This review serves as a cautionary reminder to readers to approach blockchain projects skeptically and scrutinize their viability.

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