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Patch this 0-day right now (by hand)! – Naked Security

Popular collaboration product Zimbra has issued a warning to its customers, urging them to apply a software patch immediately to address a security vulnerability. The vulnerability, known as an XSS bug, allows attackers to implant rogue JavaScript code into web pages, potentially compromising the confidentiality and integrity of user data. This means that an attacker could gain access to user accounts on other sites and read or modify private data such as account details, login cookies, authentication tokens, and transaction history. The bug was discovered by a security researcher at Google during a cyberattack, making it a zero-day exploit. While Zimbra has patched the bug, the updated version has not yet been published. As a result, the company is advising customers to manually apply the fix themselves, which involves a single-line edit to a data file in the installation directory. Zimbra is emphasizing the urgency of applying the fix to protect user data.

XSS attacks occur when a server includes external data in a web page without properly validating its safety. This can happen when a site repeats or reflects input back into the user’s browser, such as confirming entered data or displaying search results. Attackers can exploit this by submitting maliciously crafted input that includes HTML tags or commands, such as

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