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Prince Harry spills beans on Daily Mirror Phone Hacking story

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The article discusses the controversy surrounding Prince Harry’s personal life being leaked by the media. The Daily Mirror was accused of hacking into his phone to steal valuable information that could earn them web traffic in millions. However, the newspaper denied the allegations, claiming that most of the leaked material was spoken by Prince Harry in an interview that earned them millions in return.

The Duke of Sussex has decided to sue the publisher for unlawfully gathering information from his phone. The Mirror Group publisher told the judge that the stories were leaked to the press from other royal members and the palace courtiers, and some of the gathered info was from the interview given by Harry that has been recorded live and is available on public platforms such as Dailymotion and YouTube.

Journalists from the Mirror Group also allege a conspiracy against the prince in this whole phone hacking story. They claim that some kind of strong influence is being made on the case by a royal member/group that is behind the image tarnishing of the royal who is now residing in the United States along with his wife Meghan Markle and kids.

In summary, the article highlights the controversy surrounding Prince Harry’s phone being hacked by the media. It touches on the legal battle between the Duke of Sussex and the Mirror Group publisher, with both sides presenting their own versions of the story. The article also mentions the alleged conspiracy against the prince, with some speculating that a royal member/group is behind the image tarnishing of the royal family.

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