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Rubrik offers $10m ransomware compensation to victims

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Rubrik, a zero trust data management company based in California, has introduced the Rubrik Ransomware Recovery Warranty, offering businesses up to $10 million in compensation if they fall victim to a ransomware attack.

Ransomware attacks have become a prevalent and persistent threat, targeting organizations across industries and geographic locations.

Rubrik’s ransomware recovery warranty demonstrates their commitment to protecting customer data and supporting businesses in their battle against cyber threats.

By offering financial compensation and promoting best practices in data management and security, Rubrik empowers its customers to navigate the treacherous waters of the digital realm with greater confidence and resilience.

Key Points:
1. Rubrik offers the Rubrik Ransomware Recovery Warranty, providing up to $10 million in compensation for businesses affected by ransomware attacks.
2. Ransomware attacks are a growing threat to organizations worldwide, necessitating the adoption of innovative solutions to safeguard valuable data.
3. To be eligible for the Rubrik Ransomware Recovery Warranty, businesses must have proactive and automated IT infrastructure solutions, prioritize employee training, and have efficient backup solutions.
4. The Rubrik Ransomware Recovery Warranty sets Rubrik apart from its competitors and supports businesses in recovering swiftly from ransomware incidents.
5. Rubrik’s initiative demonstrates their dedication to data resilience and their commitment to protecting customer information.

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