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Russia issues ban on Apple iPhone for security reasons

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In recent news, Russia has banned the usage of Apple iPhones in government and military sectors. The ban is limited to federal organizations and does not affect civilians. This decision is based on the suspicion that Apple is assisting the Biden administration in conducting espionage through its devices, particularly in countries that are considered adversaries.

To address these concerns, the Russian government has implemented a ban on the use of Apple products for work purposes in all government sectors starting from July 17th, 2023. This ban also includes a prohibition on email and call correspondence made through Apple devices, as per the order from the digital ministry and state-owned company Rostec.

This ban on Apple products has been anticipated since March, when Russian military officials suspected that the company was engaging in espionage within their region. The distrust increased when a member of the Wagner forces was found passing on sensitive information related to the war with Ukraine to servers located in Hawaii.

Adding to the Kremlin’s woes, Sir Richard Moore, the head of MI6, recently stated that the only option for Russian leader Putin to stabilize his political career is to withdraw troops from Ukraine. Failure to do so may result in political and economic sanctions imposed by the Secret Intelligence Services of both nations, ultimately putting the lives of the Russian populace at extreme risk.

It is important to note that Apple has issued a statement emphasizing that it is not working with the US Intelligence Services and prioritizes the privacy and security of its customers.

Key points:

is a HTML element used for creating divisions or containers in web pages.
– Russia has banned the use of Apple iPhones in government and military sectors due to suspicion of espionage.
– The ban is limited to federal organizations and does not affect civilians.
– Email and call correspondence through Apple devices is also prohibited.
– The ban was implemented on July 17th, 2023.
– Russian military officials suspected Apple of espionage since March.
– Kremlin faces additional challenges as MI6 urges Putin to withdraw troops from Ukraine.
– Apple has issued a statement denying involvement with US Intelligence Services and prioritizing customer privacy and security.

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