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Three big Cybersecurity fears of TikTok answered

TikTok is an increasingly popular social media platform, but it has also been the subject of much scrutiny from governments around the world due to potential security concerns. In order to address these fears, TikTok has provided answers to the three main questions of data collection, data sharing, and misinformation.

Regarding data collection, TikTok claims that it is in line with industry practices and that it only collects information like location and device usage for research and development purposes, never for marketing or advertising. The company also states that it does not work on the orders of the Chinese government and denies any data sharing with them.

When it comes to misinformation, TikTok has not provided much clarity on the subject, as it has been a subject of speculation since 2018. With China’s strict censorship rules, it is impossible to tell whether such fake news-related articles are being circulated without the knowledge of the authorities.

In conclusion, while TikTok has provided some answers to the security concerns raised, there is still much uncertainty in regards to the potential for misinformation and data sharing with the Chinese government. The company will have to continue to address these issues in order to win the trust of its users and governments around the world.

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