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Venn Redefines Remote Work Security with Innovative BYO-PC Solution

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The COVID-19 pandemic led to a massive shift to remote work, which posed challenges for organizations in securing corporate data and apps across various locations and devices.

Traditional remote desktop solutions like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) proved inadequate for this new remote-first world, leading to a need for better solutions.

VDI systems offer subpar user experiences and have limitations in terms of application use and network integration, while shipping corporate laptops or relying on complex VDI technology is costly and less secure.

Venn Software, led by David Matalon, recognized the need for a new approach to secure remote work and developed Venn, a radical and cost-effective alternative to VDI.

Venn’s approach involves creating a company-controlled Secure Enclave on the user’s computer, where work data is encrypted and access is managed. Work applications run within a virtual wrapper, visually indicated by a Blue Border™, providing control over data transfer and network connections.

With Venn, employees can use their personal computers for work without compromising security, bringing the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to laptops and reducing costs.

Venn has been awarded a key patent for its innovative approach to secure remote work and has received $29 million in Series A funding. Major companies like Fidelity, Guardian, and Voya already trust Venn for secure remote work.

As remote work becomes the new norm, the need for efficient, secure, and user-friendly solutions like Venn has never been greater.

Key points:

is an HTML tag used to create divisions or sections in a webpage.
– Traditional remote desktop solutions like VDI are inadequate for secure remote work.
– Venn is a cost-effective alternative to VDI, allowing employees to use their personal computers securely.
– Venn creates a company-controlled Secure Enclave and runs work applications within a virtual wrapper.
– Venn has been awarded a key patent and received $29 million in funding.
– Venn is trusted by major companies and aims to expand its reach in the secure remote work market.

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