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​​​​​​​With new aerospace Cybersecurity rules set to land – What’s the standard for operators?

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In the aerospace sector, new rules are being introduced to enhance cybersecurity capabilities. These rules will apply to all enterprises, including smaller ones, and will require the implementation of sophisticated tracking and protection of flight data in airports’ traffic control and data centers.

Cybersecurity in the aerospace sector goes beyond just the operation of aircraft. It extends to the entire supply chain, including government procurement and federal aviation. The new rules emphasize the importance of each supplier taking responsibility for their section of the chain and ensuring that their safeguards are up to date and utilizing the latest technology.

To effectively combat cybersecurity threats, a cultural shift is required. A “just” culture, where mistakes are accepted and reported rather than punished, can help foster a more secure environment. Additionally, implementing an open but secure system for reporting cyber threats is crucial in changing the culture and promoting security.

As technology advances, new challenges arise in cybersecurity. The shift towards electric aviation, for example, introduces additional risks. Modern aircraft heavily rely on digital circuits, and the more advanced the aircraft, the less contingency is built in to account for mechanical fallbacks. Manufacturers must consider these challenges to meet the demands of the future.

Collaboration is key in the future of aviation cybersecurity. Working with partners, pilots, technologists, and planners is crucial to effectively address the challenges in this high-profile and high-stakes industry.

Key points:

is an HTML element used to group and organize content on webpages.
– New rules in the aerospace sector demand enhanced cybersecurity capabilities.
– Cybersecurity extends beyond aircraft operation to the entire supply chain.
– Cultivating a “just” culture and implementing secure reporting systems can improve cybersecurity.
– The shift towards electric aviation presents new challenges for cybersecurity.
– Collaboration is essential in addressing cybersecurity challenges in the aviation industry.

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