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Automating the API Security Lifecycle – An Interview with Subbu Iyer of Cequence Security

is a company that is leading innovation in the API security space.

Subbu Iyer, the company’s VP of Product Management, shared insights on the company’s approach to API security.

API security is a spectrum of concerns that span the entire API security lifecycle.

In Cequence’s model, organizations start by addressing immediate pain points such as threat protection and gradually move towards a more comprehensive API security posture.

Cequence’s approach includes immediate threat detection and mitigation, compliance with security best practices, and API discovery in one unified platform.

Cequence’s solution offers more efficient and robust protection against malicious traffic compared to competitors.

Cequence utilizes innovative technologies like generative AI to simplify security tasks and reduce manual work.

Cequence specializes in ‘outside-in’ discovery, using DNS techniques and ML-based methods to discover APIs without installing anything on the customer’s environment.

The platform’s no-code automation feature allows organizations to generate automated workflows in response to malicious API activity.

A lifecycle approach to API security is crucial, and Cequence’s innovative solutions offer a comprehensive and effective approach.

Cequence has carved a distinct place for itself in the API security space and continues to bring new innovations to the market.

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