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Building Cybersecurity into the supply chain is essential as threats mount

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The supply chain industry is at a significant risk of cyberattacks, with supply chain attacks accounting for 62% of all commercial attacks. Supply chain professionals need to be upskilled in cybersecurity systems and threats to mitigate these risks.

Building trust and awareness is crucial in establishing a successful supply chain relationship. This involves due diligence, continuous monitoring, and compliance with cybersecurity measures.

Federal cybersecurity rules emphasize the importance of system patching and identifying foreign customers for cloud hosted services. Supply chain businesses should implement measures to monitor, control, and comply with cybersecurity threats.

Software vulnerabilities pose a significant risk to business infrastructure. It is essential to have a cybersecurity officer in place to ensure measures are up to date, and budget and time should be allocated to promote networking between businesses and cybersecurity firms.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in preventing cyber threats. Digital threat hunters are already utilizing AI to identify patterns and provide reports to cybersecurity officers. Proactive regulation is necessary to enable businesses to deploy AI measures safely and within legal guidelines.

Businesses that take a proactive approach to cybersecurity within their own supply chain ecosystem can make significant progress in combating supply chain-oriented cybersecurity threats.

Key points:
– Supply chain attacks account for 62% of all commercial attacks.
– Upskilling supply chain professionals in cybersecurity is crucial.
– Trust, due diligence, and continuous monitoring are vital in building successful supply chain relationships.
– Federal cybersecurity rules emphasize system patching and identifying foreign customers.
– Software vulnerabilities require a cybersecurity officer and budget allocation for networking and compliance.
– AI plays a crucial role in preventing cyber threats.
– Proactive regulation is necessary for safe and legal deployment of AI measures.
– Taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity can combat supply chain-oriented threats.

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