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Google limits internet access to employees to save them from Cyber Attacks

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Google has launched a Pilot Program to protect its employees from state-funded cyber attacks by limiting their access to the internet. This program aims to shield employees from attack exposure and curtail internal threats from sharing sensitive information with foreign servers.

The program has been initially exposed to a limited number of employees for testing purposes. Google has also developed AI-based tools to enhance server security and protect data in transit.

The decision to implement this program was influenced by Microsoft’s revelation that Chinese state-funded hackers stole sensitive information from its email account servers. Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter are continually improving their security measures to combat threats in the current cyber landscape.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc., has also introduced an AI Red team, a security framework that simulates realistic attacks on IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and exploits. This makes Google the first business to comply with the White House’s latest rules for protecting AI products and systems from digital assaults.

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is a versatile HTML element that allows developers to group and style related elements together. Google’s Pilot Program aims to protect employees from cyber attacks by limiting internet access. The program is being tested and is supported by AI-based tools. This initiative is a response to the increasing cyber threats faced by tech companies, and Google is leading the way in implementing advanced security measures.

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