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Secure SD-WAN Solution for Communication over Satellite and Networks in Adverse and DDIL Conditions

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Satellite networking is critical for building a reliable global network, particularly in adverse and DDIL conditions. To optimize satellite multi-orbit deployment networks, end users can integrate different types of links to leverage the benefits of the available satellite orbits. A secure SD-WAN solution provides a reliable approach and excellent user experience, creating a virtual network on top of the physical infrastructure using a software-defined control plane.

There are critical capabilities that network administrators should look for while implementing an SD-WAN network using satellite links. Quality of Service (QoS) is a crucial capability to consider, as is traffic engineering for multi-orbit links. The ideal SD-WAN solution should also support automation via open API integration, provide advanced monitoring capabilities, and minimize network overhead.

SD-WAN can revolutionize satellite-based communications, particularly for mobility and DDIL use cases. To be a suitable SD-WAN solution, the system needs to provide fully integrated routing, a full stack of security, and support critical features. It must provide full visibility into network and security events with the capability to automatically execute optimal policies based on application and current network conditions.

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