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Supercookie surveillance shenanigans – Naked Security

In this comprehensive article, we will discuss a variety of topics, including the slide rule, Patch Tuesday, supercookie surveillance shenanigans, bugs arriving in pairs, Apple’s rapid patch, and the dangers of User-Agent. The article begins with a nostalgic look at the slide rule, a mathematical calculation tool that became obsolete with the advent of computers and calculators. The author humorously accuses his colleague, Paul Ducklin, of having “blood on his hands” for favoring the HP-35 calculator. Ducklin explains how slide rules taught users to manage orders of magnitude and verify the accuracy of electronic calculators.

Moving on, the article discusses the release of Firefox version 115 and the end of support for Windows 7 and Windows 8. The author addresses the common question of why users can’t continue using older operating systems they love. He emphasizes the importance of security and the risks associated with using unsupported systems. Commenters on the article point out the vulnerabilities of outdated systems and the need to let go for the sake of security.

The article then dives into Patch Tuesday, a monthly event where Microsoft releases updates and patches for its software. The author highlights the significance of four zero-day vulnerabilities being fixed, including security bypasses and Elevation-of-Privilege (EoP) holes. EoP vulnerabilities allow cybercriminals already in a network to elevate their access and potentially cause more damage. Additionally, the article mentions a Microsoft security advisory addressing the issue of signed kernel drivers being loaded and potentially exploited.

Next, the article brings attention to a security threat called Rowhammer. The author references the song “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel to introduce the topic. Rowhammer is a vulnerability in dynamic random access memory (DRAM) that can cause neighboring bits of memory to flip when writing to one row. This can lead to unauthorized access or data corruption. The article reminds readers of the importance of understanding and addressing this vulnerability.

In conclusion, this comprehensive article covers a range of topics related to technology, security, and nostalgia. It provides insights into the slide rule, Patch Tuesday, the risks of using unsupported operating systems, and various security vulnerabilities. The article aims to inform and entertain readers with its informative content and playful tone.

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